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Author of six books including his latest "White Coat Fever". Two of his books were published by traditionald publishing houses and four he self-published taking advantage of the changing landscape of book publishing. He resides in Los Angeles, CA and often works with new writers on developing characters. 


Aura Imbarus

“MY TRANSYLVANIA, homeland to Vlad, the Impaler, suffered a brutal heritage that was perhaps reborn in the Communist dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu,” says author Aura Imbarus. “My once serene and beautiful country became the land of the undead. As if Count Dracula had enslaved us, sucking our lifeblood away, Ceausescu turned Romanians into gray-clad zombies close to starvation who waited in long lines and never dared to call attention to themselves or show individuality in any way.” To escape torture and death, neighbors became informants, and the Securitate, the Romanian security force, made people quietly disappear during the night—including Aura’s family members—as if vampires had sneaked inside.



12 year old Rachel a honors student, wrote this  novel as an 11 year old.  “Wishes” is  a fictional account of a pre-teens adventure. Her second book is a book of poetry.


10 year old Naomi penned this book with the help of her mother as an 9 year old author with the help of her mom has created an interactive book for young kids “My Mom’s an Octopus.”



A business professional ,coach and founder of the P.O.W.E.R.S. Inc. (Powers Womens Network) a LA based nonprofit. She is the author of “Take Note” a step by step guide to business success. This is a personal guide before you start that business that you have been dreaming about. She also created a Teacher’s Guide and student workbook for "Take Note." It is your guide to business success.



A retired principal and founder of the non profit Tri3i is the author of "Are You Standing on Shaky Ground?" Well, retired Principal Dr. Lyons gives us some interesting insights and inspiration in her books. Her awards include those received from the California Senate, the California Assembly, City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County Supervisors, Los Angeles Board of Education for her dedication and services rendered to the district. During her tenure, Dr. Patricia Lyons received an award along with others as Principal of the Year from L.A.U.S.D. Superintendent Michelle King during her tenure as a Local District Superintendent of Schools. 


As an educator, Dr. Lyons holds 6 active California credentials: Pupil Personnel Services, Administrative Services, Single Subjects-Secondary Education, Designated Subjects Vocational Education, Cross Cultural Language Certificate and Standard Designated Subjects-Adult Education


A professional musician and author Charles is a life time resident of Los Angeles, California. He has creates seven music CD and just released his first book "Ladders."


Chris has a Doctorate of Theology degree. Founder, Chief Executive, President Ward International Corporation, Licensed Financial Consultant, Licensed Loan Officer, Licensed Real Estate Agent and Licensed Life professional. He is aA former All Pro National Football League –N.Y. Jets, N.O. Saints, S.F. 49ers, Miami Dolphins, NFL Legends, NFLPA Los Angeles Executive Secretary , Ohio State all Century Team, OSU Hall of Fame, Nominee College Football Hall of Fame, Heisman Trophy Runner-up, two time Ohio State Football consensus All American.


Emma Price was born in North Carolina. She has fond memories of hot summers where she would find a place to stay cool and read. Reading was her way of visiting exciting places and meeting interesting people. Mrs. Price is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators, a member of Children’s Literature Council of Southern California and a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association. She has volunteered for The Pan African Film & Arts Festival, The Leimert Park Village Book Festival in Los Angeles, and LA Times Festival of Books. Mrs. Price has been a tutor for the non-profit organization Reading Partners © and at present, she does “guest Author” presentations with LA’s BEST of greater Los Angeles Schools.


Dr. Hickey is the Founder and Executive Director of Each One - Teach One Alliance for Academic Access, Achievement and Success, an organization that focuses on efforts to heighten community awareness of the overwhelming importance of reforming educational practices targeting at-risk youth. He is also the CEO/President of the Admired Man Leadership Institute, where he lectures and facilitates workshops based on his four year national research, and resulting book, “Admired Man Why: The Making of an Admired Man.”

Brandi Winans, author of "FLIP SIDE og Glory." As the wife of a former NFL Player for over 30 years, Brandi has a way of empowering and inspiring others from speaking on her Memoir, “The Flip Side of Glory”



Has a Master’s in Education, Curriculum, and Instruction (TESOL). He has been a Certificated English teacher since 2002. He often speaks of Culturally Inclusive Curriculum, ESL, Mentoring, Reaching and Teaching African American Children and the Winners Mindset. Visit him online at Prior to entering education, he was a businessman and professional athlete (New York Jets, NFL & Ottawa, CFL) after graduation from the University of Oregon. He a Director at Grant Language Academy, and is a partner in Visit his author website at - Listen to my bio, click here.

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