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Cheryl Venable

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About the Author

Cheryl Venable was born in a small city in rural Minnesota. She grew up on a dairy farm learning to love nature and that caring for people was very important. Her father having been a cook in the military showed by deed on a daily basis that even those with little money can offer help when it is needed. She was always active in a wide range of community organizations from Girl Scouts, her church and Future Farmers of America in high school to Circle K and helping in the Head Start program where both of her sons were enrolled. She was a leader in her sons Cub Scout and Boy Scout troops and is active supporting Veterans organizations. All are connected by her spiritual journey though life.


Frogalena is a little frog that loves butterflies. She wishes she was one because there are bullies that say she is not pretty and she is clumsy. When given the chance for her wish to come true what will she discover about beauty and grace.

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