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Naomi L.V. Grant

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About the Author

Naomi Grant is a young author that likes writing creative stories. She is also the author of another book “My Mom is an Octopus.” She wrote it when she was ten years old. She is a talented dancer as well as an aspiring actress. She is now a Sophomore in High School.

Searching for the Truth

This story is about a girl who’s trying to find out what really happened to her friend. When no one believes that her friends' murder was a cover-up so she takes things
into her own hands to figure out what happened. During her search. She is also being chased by trained killers. Detective Ward knows some of the clues to find out
who is behind all of this and what truly happened to Jonathan. Will Abby ever see her friend again? Will Detective Ward be able to keep his promise? Read “Searching for the Truth” to find out.

Additional books by
Naomi L.V. Grant

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