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R. Grant writes a powerful realization of the why and how of the Urban teacher. His mastery and lifetime dedication to inner-city education identifies the social impact and struggle the urban teacher faces. In a world where the unfair distribution of academic resources plaguing young learners and traps both teacher and student as victims of a post-modern Jim Crow. Mark Campbell Academic Manager BRINDELL INSTITUTE Former New York Jet, NFL professional athlete Reginald "Reggie" Grant talks about the realities of today in urban classrooms. Since 2002 he has been in the classroom and in this book he will make you laugh, cry and think about our changing educational system. When he tells the stories of a few of his students who have said to him “ I think I am Worthless and should commit suicide" “Shut the Fu.. Up” “I Am Afraid of Donald Trump! “ “ I Didn’t Eat Last Night” “Fucking Bald Headed Mother Fu…er” “I Want to Be an Engineer” ………………….. "We should assassinate Obama..." Read his reactions and insights. 

Thoughts of An Urban Teacher

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