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The YEIP approach emphasizes learning and applying fundamental academic skills. Including research (reading), plan development (writing), financial analysis (math) and the integration of technology (STEAM). All requiring the application of “critical thinking skills” the critical skill of the 21st century student and business professional. Standards-based curricula which is task-based and is designed to combine academic and applied learning. This curriculum is aligned with Common Core Standards, National English, Language Arts, Math, and Technology standards (STEM). YEIP™ is focused on eSports (Gaming), Sports, Education and Technology. We firmly believe that IP (Intellectual Property) is the currency of the future. Urban creativity and innovation have yet to be tapped, and is ready to explode with new ideas and companies of the future. By helping students learn how business functions we empower them with the skills for today and tomorrow. The purpose of this program is to provide students with the opportunity to apply critical thinking skills in an academic setting, that they can apply directly to future careers.

Youth Entrepreneurial Impact Program: Teachers Guide

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