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1,000 Books For 1,000 Boys.

To mentor and reach out to young men and help them build the self esteem to be successful members of our society. 

Set up an event at your school, boy scout troop, church, sports team or other group. Purchase a book at discounted rates and we will arrange for one of our contributing authors to read and share with the young men.

Support this program in two ways donate to our crowd funding campain or just purchase a book we will give it to a young man FREE.

Success Stories& Insights by African American Men By Reginald Grant and 18 contributing authors. We want to share inspirational stories with 1,000 young boys in the urban Los Angeles region and throughout the nation. Books will be distributed in Washington, D,.C./Baltimore, Seattle, WA, Maine, Mississippi, Georgia, California and Texas.

1,000 Books For 1,000 Boys Project

The Success Stories included in the book are as follows.

1. Raymond Wright (Stanford Student, Watkins Award Alumni)

“A Lifetime of Fear …a young black man in America”

2. Michael Montgomery (Retired NFL)

“A heartbeat away from your destiny”

3. Charles Barnes (Musician, Author)

“If You keep Going Everything will be Alright”

4. Casey Cummings (Branding Professional)

“The Cummings Family, A Family of Success”

5. Chase Moore (Holy Cross University)

“My Vocation”

6.  Zachary Byrge (College Student)

“Beating the Odds”

7. Troy Durk (UCLA)

“Humble Beginnings”

8. Caylin L. Moore ( 2017 Rhodes Scholar, Fulbright Scholar, College Student at TCU )

“Life isn’t Easy”

9. Robert Carter (Retired LAPD)

“Take advantage of your Opportunities”.

10. Chris Ward, PhD ( Retired NFL All-Pro, Minister),

“From a Dumpster to the NFL and beyond”

11. Bishop James E. Swanson, Sr. (Minister, President GCUMM),

"Don't you ever stop believing in yourself?".

12. Robert “Bob” Baddy (Retired Dept of Commerce),

“47 foreign countries…What a Journey!”

13. Mark Campbell, (Educator, Speaker),

“Are You Running Away from Something or Sprinting Towards Greatness?”

14. Tyrone Tate (Educator, Entrepreneur )

"How could I be so unique in overcoming adversity without God?"

15. Ashley Tucker (Actor, Writer),

“Victors not Victims.”

16.  J. Everette Pearsall (Director Nonprofit).

17. Delmus Harris (Law Enforcement).

"Overcoming Destructive Comments from Others”

18. Steven Holden ( Former NFL player, Coach)

“From Watts to the NFL because I Listened”

19. Reginald Grant ( Author, Educator, Speaker)

“Stop Pigeonholing Me “.

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