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Tim Burley

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ABOUT   Tim Burley

Tim Burley, a U.S. Army Veteran and father of 6 boys.  Tim has the unique ability to craft children’s stories with powerful messages for children about friendship, trust, and the ability to adapt and overcome obstacles they may face.  Harry the Red Footed Gecko is the first in a series of bedtime stories Tim wrote for his boys as they were growing up.  This book is dedicated to Tim’s Boys who giggled, adventured, snuggled, hid under the covers, and fell asleep, filled with all the love a father could give them.  

The Adventures of Harry, The Red Footed Gecko. Join Harry on his first adventure and prepare to make Harry the Red Footed Gecko on of your child’s real heroes. In the 1st book entitled Book 1: The Making of a King. The adventure never ends when Harry the Red Footed Gecko and his best friend Sally the Salamander work together with many of their unique animal friends, save Harry’s Family from an uncertain fate. While on the adventure they learn to adapt and overcome, and eventually discover Harry’s true calling.

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