Woody Campbell

One of only seven professional athletes to serve on active duty in Vietnam.

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This book is dedicated to the estimated Eight Hundred Thousand (800,000)surviving Vietnam Veterans who fought an unpopular war and came home to find that our country was not ready to welcome us as heroes. This is the untold story that you will not find in the many accounts of the individual and collective heroisms, tragedies and recollections told about battles of the Vietnam War. It is the mostly unknown story of the human tragedy and unending toil of the Vietnam Veteran’s struggle. By Woody Campbell who was drafted in 1967 by the Houston Oilers. He played with the Oilers for five seasons and was an AFL All-Star as a rookie. A Mount Pleasant, Fla., native, Campbell played college football at Northwestern University, where he earned All-America Academic and all-conference athletic honors. He is a Vietnam veteran and one of only seven professional athletes to serve on active duty in Vietnam

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