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We want to inspire young writers to write and be rewarded, so we created this contest to help them get their stories published.

Ages 7 - 18, must have parent permission.


We are looking for original personal essays, memoirs, and works of literary fiction on any topic. It doesn't matter if it's a super hero, spiritual, love story, political, intellectual, emotional, funny, serious, or an essay about your sports adventure.  More


Success Stories& Insights by African American Men By Reginald Grant and 18 contributing authors. We want to share inspirational stories with 1,000 young boys in the urban Los Angeles region and throughout the nation. Books will be distributed in Washington, D,.C./Baltimore, Seattle, WA, Maine, Mississippi, Georgia, California and Texas.

1,000 Books For 1,000 Boys Project

Support this program t purchase a book (below) and we will give it to a young man or groups of young men for FREE.

Set up an event at your school, boy scout troop, church, sports team or other group. Purchase a book at discounted rates and we will arrange for one of our contributing authors to read and share with the young men.

To mentor and reach out to young men and help them build the self esteem to be successful members of our society. 

Direct Giveaway

Purchase a book at a discounted rate below the retail price and we will give the book FREE to a young man or a group of young men. The more you give the more we giveaway.


Click below to buy a book for a boy.

Donate a Book for a Boy

Thank you for supporting our 1,000 Books for 1,000 Boys program:


Ron Peoples, Peoples Financial Services -Raleigh ,NC


Walter Fletcher, Financial Consultant - Los Angeles, CA


Delmus Harris, III, Holman UMC- Los Angeles, CA


Scott Williams, NAAAA Phoenix Chapter - Phoenix, AZ


Mark Campbell, Educator, Speaker - Thousand Oaks, CA


Charles Thompson, Rose Bowl Stadium - Pasadena, CA


Everette Pearsall, NAAAA Director - Baltimore, MD


Support our efforts to put 1,000 books in the hands of 1,000 boys nationwide.


Literacy is Everything.

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